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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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stretches of the red line will be single tracking. adam tuss will be there this morning when the transportation committee meets with metro to talk about what to expect and how to get everybody prepared. we're this weather alert mode. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. radar already picking up some strong storms. you're best advice for you today, leave the house early. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is in with what else you need to know. looks like it will be pretty bad. >> it will be an ugly thursday morning commute, everybody. so for today, what to expect, we have two chances for have a veer weather. the primary threat will be this morning between now and 9:00 or 10:00. but there could be more strong storms later this evening. may or may not be as much of a show. and tomorrow, just a couple showers away. more clouds than raindrops on your friday, but the weekend still looks good. radar, here is the leading edge
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pace that it's moving, it should be manassas before 6:00 a.m., downtown washington before 7:00 a.m. this morning. be ready for it. this could come with very heavy periods of gusty rain and winds. no active watches or warnings in the viewing area at all right now. that is likely to change within the next 30 to 40 minutes. i'll bring you the latest as soon as things start to change, but for now, thunder and lightning coming in very quickly from the west. let's go over to wtop. we have an early crash on the baltimore washing parkway northbound just beyond the beltway headed up toward greenbelt road. traffic literally zigzagging through. a couple more tow trucks have been requested. work zone northbound up near 198, single line to the left. also paving project between lucketts and leesburg on 15. traffic
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causes a minor delay through the overnight hours. back into you. right now crews are still pumping water from a massive water main break in alexandria. >> the 12 inch water main broke and began shooting out water beginning yesterday afternoon. hundreds living near edsall road and south van dorn street are still without water this morning as many tried to make their way home yesterday, they had to stop and just watch the water rush down the street. >> i was just kind of worried and scared because i have no idea what is even going on. we were trying to get that way and a then there was so much traffic, so we had to make a u turn. >> megan mcgrath is on the scene, she will join us in just a few minutes for an update on how things are looking for your morning commute. and as we prepare to see more storms today, d.c. water is doing everything it can to stop scenes like this. time lapse video shows the water just rushing down into the cleveland park metro station during tuesday's storms. yesterday crews were busy
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make sure all the water has somewhere to go today. of course you can stay informed on this weather alert day with the nbc washington app. any updates about breaking news, any severe weather will come directly to your smartphone. this morning congress will receive more pressure to pass gun reform from d.c.'s mayor. mayor muriel bowser with police chief lanier will hold a news conference at 10:45 at police headquarters. they will ask congress to pass common sense gun reform while discussing gun violence here in the district. and we're following breaking news on capitol hill right now, republicans adjourned congress, but democrats are keeping a 17-hour sit-in about gun control alive. erika gonzalez is at the live desk with developments. >> we are keeping our eyes on the situation, a sit-in that has gone well over 16 hours led by a few house democrats demanding votes on gun control bills is still and
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just a short while ago, nancy pelosi was seen outside with protesters singing "we shall overcome." and leading the charge, senator john lewis. the #no bill no break trending. the screens have been broadcast by c-span via cellphone. periscope really. this after republicans shut down network cameras. protesters outside chanting "do your job." meanwhile republicans calling it a publicity stunt. again, this is still an ongoing situation. trying to get as many developments as we can for you. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. and in a show of support, hundreds gathered at the u.s.
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kop to suppo capitol to support the democrats. some say the tragedy in orlando compelled them to show up. during rally, several democratic representatives came out to speak to the crowd. the rally was peaceful, but u.s. capitol police did raise barriers to keep people in one place. and we have breaking news right now, a hit and run in southeast washington leaves one person seriously hurt. >> want to go live to darcy spencer at the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning. you can see behind me there is still a very active scene with accident reconstruction ongoing. let's show you what is happening in the middle of the street. you can see the bicycle there in the travel lane. we understand this adult man was riding his bicycle here on minnesota avenue about 1:00 this morning when he was struck and critically injured. to give you an idea where exactly this is, we're right off of pennsylvania avenue, a couple cross streets here, burn and 27th street. you can see police are here on
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they have been taking pictures. also a number of evidence markers out here in the middle of the street and evidence bag. so they're still connecting evidence here on the scene. they are telling us that is tths a hit and run investigation. no more has been provided in terms of a lookout for the vehicle that critically injured this man. we'll continue to bring you updates as we he get them. back to you. a local teacherhe get them. back to you. a local teacher is behind bars after he was caught in a prostitution sting. martin brown teaches in hyattsville. he was arrested during a stripping operation in lanham on tuesday. police say he solicited a prostitute and rented a room. he's been charged with two counts of prostitute and human trafficking. a verdict is expected for the third baltimore police officer on trial in the death of freddie gray. officer caesar goodson faces second-degree murder charges. he d
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transported gray after his arrest. gray later died from a broken neck. have the nbc washington app, we will send an alert when the verdict comes down. d.c. police are searching for a 9-year-old girl. sophia proctor was last seen on tuesday afternoon along 14th street. investigators believe she is with her mother, julia. the mother was last seen driving a 1998 volvo with d.c. plates. if you see them, please contact police. new details this morning on a murder investigation this northeast washington. d.c. police need your help finding a car they believe is connected to this crime. take a look. this is the car police are looking for. they say it is connected with a deadly shooting that happened on monday on monday tetello avenue. appears to be a four door silver a dan with a sunroof. dric
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south pole. you can call it a success right now. this plane flew two sick workers to chile. it had to go through dangerous conditions. a pitch black runway and temperatures at minus 75. that kind of cold can actually disable planes. but this one was specially designed to handle it. the sick workers are part of the national science foundation research project in antarctica. hopefully once they get to chile held get the treatment they need. 5:08. >> fall into the wrong crowd. >> words of wisdom from an aspiring police officer. coming up, you'll meet the young man who says he had the time of his life this week with police in arlington. >> reporter: and a water main break has closed a stretch of edsall road in alexandria. the impact on your commute coming up.
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know, this is storm team 4 radar, a live look for you. storms closing in. this could mean a messy morning for you.
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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. twheer weather we're this weathin weather ale. current temperatures in 60s and low 70s. big days to get your day started. lots of lightning, periods of blinding rain possible this morning. heaviest rain right now southern fauquier county just sort of warrington along u.s. 17, those storms going eastbound towards manassas, woodbridge and quantico. i t-95 corridor will take it on the
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be prepared for a stormy and slow morning commute. chance for more storms later on this afternoon. we'll have to see if they will be as strong as the ones this morning and your friday may get off with a raindrop or two, as well. now over to jack taylor at wtop. edsall road will remain closed for a while with yesterday's water main break. dealing with the repairs. but edsall remains closed between van dorn and south whiting. we're also dealing with a crash on the bottom of the washington parkway going northbound past the beltway, slow traffic. accident up after 193 along the right side. we have a single left lane now getting by the scene. everybody is on scene with tow trucks, police, everybody else there. so hopefully it will be cleared very soon. back into you. happening right now, virginia american water crews are still working to fix this major water april break in alexandria here.
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yesterday afternoon, left a lot of neighbors without water. megan mcgrath is live now with how the repairs are going megan, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you it's still a mess and that will be the case for several hours. you can see work crews are now starting to dig down to that broken 12 inch water main there, but they haven't started the work of repairing it yet. they have issues shutting down valves, closing valves to shut down the water. so that has slowed things up here. a lot of work still ahead. so we have closure of edsall road between van dorn and south whiting street. now, take a look. this pipe actually broke yesterday afternoon and it was quite a gusher as you can see from this video here. water just creating enormous hole in the middle of the roaded here. gushing down the street. a lot of the apartments
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scene that a lot of people just have low water pressure at this point, but people at higher elevations may not have water due to the fact that they're up a little higher. so we'll keep an eye on that situation. but as you can see behind me, still a lot of work to be done. they haven't even gotten down to the pipe yet to begin replacing that broken section. so this is going to be something that is with us certainly through morning rush hour and probably a good hung of tk of t. back to you. right now voters in great brittain are heading to the polls. drizzle coming down this will not ton as people cast their ballots in this historic referendum. record setting 46.5 million people are registered to vote. they will decide if the united kingdom leaves or stays in the eu. there is fear about the financial ripple effect in the u.s. and around the world if a vote to leave goes through. is d.c. ready for a
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news week article this week. it runs down a series of close calls and lessons learned post-9/11. it talks about a plane that flew over the cia in 2002. gyrocopter that flew on to the capitol lawn and most recently an anthrax scare. despite the report, the deputy mayor says our area is ready for an attack. >> we train and exercise with federal partners each and every day. we have 3,000 officers assigned to patrol divisions every day. and every individual understands with a role they can play in the event of an attack. >> kevin donahue also praised chief lanier as a veteran who ran special operations with npd before she game chief. for the first time since terror at a guy night club leaving 49 dead, another 50 wounded, the owners will
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massive street party for tonight that will raise money for the club's employee. they say it will be part a memorial to honor the dead and also a way to celebrate the strength of that community. the event will have a lat ten theme as was the case on the night of that shooting inside the club. and the shooter omar mateen drastically changed his appearance. that's according to an acquaintance who saw him before the killing. that a anonymous person told reuters that mateen shaved his head and face and seemed agitated. mateen pledged allegiance to isis during a call to 911. the guinea pig of solar planes if you will has completed a three day flight across the atlantic. this the latest success story for the globe circling voyage. the solar impulse 2 has made to spain and it only took 70 hours to do it coming from new york. its wings which stretch wider than those of a bo
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equipped with 17,000 solar cells. the plane runs on stored energy at night. back over to you. so we've told you about the unprecedented thing that spacex is doing bringing rockets back to earth in one piece so they can be used again. now a florida port is trying to charge them for doing that, it's asking for $15,000 every time. port canaveral, florida says the rockets are another piece of cargo moving through the port and you have to pay to use the port that way. spacex says it deserves a special exception. smithsonian says the popular air and national space museum could close if they don't have the money to fix it. they say the 48-year-old building is very worn out. officials want to renovate and upgrade the existing building rather than building a totally new museum. the project will cost nearly a billion dollars and require
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congress. despite the high number, the smithsonian secretary says renovation is actually the cheaper route. >> the combination of the need to spend extra hone on collection storage, protection and management and the loss of retail revenue and a few other less large factors all ended up meeting that complete raising and starting it over again was not just a little bit but substantially more than doing it in this fashion. >> it's one of the most visited museums and building a new one would cost around $2 billion. the renovation project would begin in 2018 and last seven years. a concern about honeybees dying led to a rally. farmers, bee keepers and scientists brought more than 2 million dead bees to washington. they believe toxic pesticides are killing them and officials blame
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pests p. >> we also have this organism that has affected between 40% and 55% of all hives. >> the government has recorded an 8% drop this honeybee colonies since last year. conflict in fairfax county over when to start testing police body cameras in the field. the police chief says he's ready, but the county board of supervisors has pushed the rollout back another 18 months. board chairman says she doesn't want to rush the process. the problem is money creating policies for the cameras themselves and what do with the footage collected. chief says if he was given the go-ahead, key start the program in 90 days. newest police chief in arlington hasn't finished elementary cool yesterday. >> but if his first day is on the job is any education, his future is very bright. nathaniel abraham was chief for the day. he won that role by winning a poster drawing contest on wednesday. he is a straight a
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carillon spripgs elementary. the fifth grader also has high marks on how he handled being the city's top officer. >> i think the most important crime problem would be bank robberies because they're taking money that belongs to other people. >> arlington police say nathaniel has what it takes to lead his own force one day. >> remember that name. >> give that child a job, you know what i mean? he has a bright future. 5:21. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day here as we're anticipating some strong weather to move in any minute now. >> chuck bell here to tell us more. >> we're waiting on quite the round of rain and thunderstorms to move in here early this morning. that young man if he wants to be a successful law enforcement officer, also need to be a trained weather spotter p
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and it is weather alert day. severe storms will be a possibility this morning. we don't have any watches or warnings right now. that could change in a minute. i'll let you know the instabt any advisory comes out. some storms could put down more than an inch in a short period of time. flash flood watches already issued the northern shenandoah valley. looking down towards the west, there is tysons there in the distance, waiting to see any flashes of lightning as the storms come in. almost 1200 flashes of lightning in the last ten minutes, so these are prolific lightning producing thunderstorms out here. heavy rain coming in already. first flash just west of fairfax. the rain will be moving in here in short order. so do expect a period of moderate to periods of very heavy rain here between now and
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morning. here is future weather to show the progression of the storms. by 6:15, heaviest rain moving in to parts of western anne arundel county, thunder and lightning likely through much of the morning. here is 7:350. any of these yellows and reds, that is pockets of heavy rain. here is 9:00 a.m. this morning. things will be worse between now and about 9:00 a.m. by 11:00, the rain coming to an end. we should see breaks of sunshine by lunch and depending on how much sunshine we get, lunchtime into early afternoon, that is what will determine how much more of a threat we have later today. so be weather alert this morning and again later on this afternoon into this evening. could also have a rain shower or two around here during the day tomorrow. weekend still looks good and more chances for thunderstorms coming back monday and tuesday next week with the heat and humidity back in place. we'll be here to keep you ahead of the storms all through the remainder of our show and your
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let's go over to jack taylor now. trouble in tysons area. >> 123 north just beyond the beltway, sounds like we have accident activity far left side of the roadway. authorities are on scene. for now volume is light. baltimore-washington parkway northbound just beyond the beltway, greenbelt road, accident cleanup continues. they should wrap up here hopefully within the next half hour or so. southbound completely up affected. and again just waiting on the rain. back into you. for years it's been a go-to medicine to keep safe from the flu. what the cdc is saying now about the popular nasal spray flu mist. and fallout after the iteam tracks down the man accused of bringing a loaded begun in to a federal building. but first, remember the man who dressed up as a panda and created a scare at a
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welcome back. the man who walked into a baltimore tv station wearing a fake bomb will head to a hospital instead of a jail cell. a judge ruled yesterday that alex brizzi is not criminally responsible for his actions back in april. he will be sent to a state hospital for schizophrenia treatment. brizzi walked in to the station wearing a hedgehog suit and life vest that looked like a suicide bomb. he was eventually shot by police. if you've received the nasal threw vaccine over the last few years, it may not have worked. a centers for disease control committee now says flu mist should not be used for the coming flu season because recent data show the vaccine has not been effective. the cdc still urges anybody six months or older to get the flu vaccine. ep
5:29 am
live in southeast washington where police are investigating a hit and run involving a bicyclist. i'll have a live report ahead. and a live look at storm team 4 radar. storms are closing in fast on the d.c. area. it's a weather alert day here at news 4. we're expecting strong winds and a lot of lightning. chuck bell times out what
5:30 am
5:31 am
storm team 4 radar showing storms moving in to our
5:32 am
expect lightning, strong winds. >> i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron bigilchrist. let's get right over to chuck bell and 4 things to know. from thursday off to a rough start this morning. some very strong storm moving in. no watches or warnings yet, but that will change almost for sure here. another chance for storms later on this evening. depends on how much sunshine we get today as to whether or not those will be as strong as these. here is the strongest storm i'm watching right now, this is moving in to madison, virginia here by 5:37. 5:55 into culpeper. so this is the first of the real strong cell that we will be watching, but already plenty of thunder and lightning out here. some of my weather watchers out near sterling, virginia reporting thunder and lightning there, as well as knoxville, maryland. so this whole shield of rain is moving in. stronger thunderstorms are just down to our south and west, but they're lifting in our direction. so things will go downhill fast.
5:33 am
or be late. back into you. we're following breaking news. a person is fighting for their life. >> darcy spencer is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we're just starting to get some of those raindrops chuck was talking. we're live on the scene where this crash happened about 1:00 this morning. police left the scene, wrapped up here just a few minutes ago. so let's show you the video when it was active. again, minnesota avenue in east washington, very close to pennsylvania avenue and 295. we understand that the man was riding his bike here in the street and was struck and critically injured. at this point, police have no description of the vehicle that struck this man on the bicycle.
5:34 am
again in critical condition. we're waiting to get any additional information from police. that is the latest here from southeast. darcy spencer, news 4. back to you. and now let's check the roads with wtop jack taylor. we have an early crash baltimore-washington parkway authority bound just beyond the beltway, greenbelt, single left lane getting by. again, this is northbound, so your delay begins right above the beltway itself. southbound lanes are unaffected. should be in the clearing stages very quickly. edsall road remains closed between south van dorn and south whiting street. repairs to the water main are ongoing. it will cost you some extra time. back into you. there are growing concerns about lead in d.c.'s water especially in schools and libraries. unacceptable lead levels were found at souza
5:35 am
just weeks after a xwruch students returned from volunteering this flint, michigan to help during their water crisis. lead was also found in seven water outlets in four libraries. >> 240 ono one expected it and think to have just returned from flint and seeing the severity of the crisis there, it really hit home. >> filters are being installed in all of those facilities. today we could get our best idea yet of how safetrack is going to impact commuters in montgomery county. adam tuss will be there will this morning when the montgomery county transportation committee meets with metro. they're talking about the shutdowns on the red line set to take place in august. for week whole stretches of the red line will be single tracking. so far safetrack has had its biggest impact on the blue, orange and silver lines around the border between the district and prince george's county. ridership in that area is down, but rushern ba
5:36 am
>> this is still a complete shutdown on these lines and we want to make sure we're going to keep up what our commitment is, not only having the buses take people from new carrollton to greenbelt, but also taking them from largo to suitland. >> county leaders are asking people to car pool and are urging businesses to allow their employees to telework. you can go to our safetrack page in the nbc washington app for the full maintenance schedule. if you're traveling on the fourth of july, there shouldn't be any problems. metro has no safetrack work planned on the holiday which is a week from this coming monday. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk with brand new information coming in overnight about your safety in suvs. specifically your passenger's safety. the insurance institute for highway safety just put out brand new ratings for small suvs and how safe you are and your passengers are
5:37 am
all the suvs they looked at had top scores for driver safety. however, iihs says not all the cars used the same measures for passengers. only one, the hyundai tucson, had the top rating for passenger safety. buick, honda and hazardous today had acceptable ratings. nissan and subaru had marginal ratings. and passenger safety in the toyota rav 4 was rated poor. once again we're talking about driver safety for all those cars rated well. this is what we're talking about as far as passengers are concerned. and of course we'll be reaching out to companies today for their comments on these latest ratings. back over to you. shocking story, two people now charged for what police say they did to a 10-year-old girl. plus the storms heading our way crashed through parts of the midwest overnight. the damage new this morning when we check back in with the live desk.
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a 10-year-old was out collecting rocks along a minnesota road when a driver ran her over and kept on driving. police say the driver's girlfriend who was following in a separate car did not call 911. they say there were no
5:41 am
braking on the pavement. the driver is now charged with vehicular homicide and the girlfriend so far has not been charged. 5:41 thousanow on thursday morning. a weather alert for you first thing this morning. periods of heavy rain, thunder and lightning moving in now. still no watches or warnings, but that could change on a moment's notice. heaviest storm is down here in the southwestern part of our viewing area, but items co's co northeast. in gainesville before 6:30. rain already reached nearly every corner of the capitol beltway and heavier rain across western fairfax, loudoun and montgomery county part of a larger weather system that will send waves of thunderstorms in our direction here between now and about 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. so be ready for an ugly ride in and a chance for more storms later on today, as well. more at
5:42 am
no now the ride 066 is getting wet. wanted to give you a visual. 66 moving east out near 50 interchange in fairfax, near wap he wi waples mill road, the roadway is very wet. so give yourself extra time this morning. morning rush hour will be very wet. good news baltimore-washington parkway northbound work zone up near 198 just cleared. two callers said the rain got them out of there early. back in to you. get outdoor early today. radar showing you why. you can see the storms racing toward the district and already hitting some neighborhoods. here in northwest, we are seeing rain on our tower cam. you look at a live picture here.
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thunder and lightning . looking live at radar, the storms we've been tracking all morning are here. we're getting you ready for a messy morning. plus working to get you an update the on a water main break that is messing up mornings across alexandria. a live record from megan mcgrath in about 15 minutes. and there is a look at our tower camera looking westbound. we're watching the showers and thunderstorms move in our direction. i'll show you the hour by hour prediction from our high resolution commuter model coming up in five minutes. national weather service reporting multiple tornadoes touched down in chicago. the first sighting was early evening yesterday. after that, another report and another and another. the good news here is that right now we are not hearing any records of injuries. however the cleanup is exten.
5:47 am
severe weather moving our way. chuck bell will have another look at your forecast coming up at 5:51. nearly two sten people are looking for somewhere else to live after a massive apartment fire. it took more than 50 firefighters to put out the flames at second and orange streets in southeast d.c. wednesday morning. three people had to be rescued. >> everybody on the fire ground is key into doing their portion of the job and it just so happened on that fire, that was my job to bring him down. >> no one was seriously hurt. investigators are still trying to if i out what caused the fire. 15 families without water for days could face the same problem sooner than they want. the water was shut off because of the condo association for the southeast complex owes more than $20,000 in back water bills. now according to the property manager, the majority of the residents rent their units
5:48 am
not been paying their monthly fees, so the water bill could not be paid. the property manager made a partial pavement on wednesday, but another $5,000 is due next month. news 4 iteam discovered the feds are investigating whether a department of homeland security employee was plotting an attack inside the agency. >> u.s. congressional committee is now ordering a review of this case. congressman michael mccall issued a statement saying initial reports of this accident are very troubling and my committee is looking into this serious matter. the iteam scott macfarlane has more on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning from martinsburg. at 9:30 this morning on capitol hill, u.s. house homeland security committee expected to have a hearing to discuss the sk case that unfolded behind me. the feds wanted to raid the brick due plegs behind me, the one with the green shutters. they said they wanted to raid did as they investigated whether an employee of the u.s. department of homeland security
5:49 am
plotting an insider attack against senior agency officials inside the headquarters. after our report, the u.s. house committee on homeland security called the findings troubling and said they would launch their own investigation. it will come up in conversation we expect during the committee hearing at 9:30 this morning. at for that employee who lives there, he is free as he face as charge of up lawfully carrying a pistol, he's pleaded not guilty. in martinsburg, scott macfarlane, news 4. it is 5:40. developing right now, the weather is making it much worse for the people in the line ever those big fires out west. right now tens of millions of people on alert in southern california and parts of several other states. the worst fires are outside of los angeles. they are getting closer and closer to homes. dry hot conditions are making the fires bigger and more explosive. a body has been re
5:50 am
of four boaters. the coast guard says it found the body this the search area and that it likely belongs to one member of the kimberly family. they did not give any details about this development, but the coast guard says the search continues.e to point out this is still an ongoing search and rescue. we still have three persons out there that we're trying did desperately to locate and we still have hope for that. >> the family has been missing since sunday. over the past few day, crews have ready also found life jackets and kayaks in the search area. scary news as many of you head out on your summer vacations. health officials expect ap-18-year-old ohio woman died after contracting a brain eat amoeba. the raft she was in overturn
5:51 am
dead. the cdc is now collecting samples at the white water center and trying to learn whether she had any other access to open water sources. at a the amoeba is usually found in fresh water. chuck bell telling us what we can expect. the rain has arrived. >> sure has. heavier rain with thunderstorms embedded in it just down to our south and west. here is the view from our city camera. curtain of rain drops closing in on the metro area. so what should you expect? a chance for pretty strong storms here this morning. lots of lightning is a possibility and periods of blinding rain at times. so watch out, be careful. leave early or risk being late this morning. here is storm team 4 radar, there is the capital beltway, interstate 95. this is lifting northeast bound and it's going crazy fast. moving nearly 50 miles ho
5:52 am
be in warrington area not the long after about 6:15, gainesville by 6:27, manassas bby about 6:35. so be ready. here it is on the wider view, severe weather warnings how down just to our south. i suspect that we may undergo some sort of a watch or warning here in the next little bit. also a concern will be flash flooding. we had a lot of rain the other day. and here is future weather timing it out. by 6:45 this morning, heaviest rain fauquier county down toward stafford and prince william county. strongest of the cells are likely to be down in parts of southern maryland, but this could be periods of they have vin rain right through the metro area. by 9:30, all of that is coming to an end as heaviest moves down to our south. we could should be back into periods of sunshine before lunch. and depending on how much sunshine we can get and how warm we can get today, that is the determining factor for how severe any storms will be ler
5:53 am
next chance for thunderstorms may be later this to the evening hours by this evening. so keep that in mind. so planning out your day, we're near 70 with strong thunderstorms here this morning. some clearing during the midday hours. should get up into the mid-80s for highs today. if we get any warmer than 85 or 6, could have storms stronger this evening. chance for raindrop thomorrow, but weekend looks great. more humid weather monday and tuesday. over to jack taylor now for the latest on the commute. i can only imagine what it will be later but starting off not well. a rain drenched rush hour. edsall road remains closed this morning between south van dorn and south whiting street. plan ahead if that is your normal path of travel. 123 north the crash has been pushed out of the roadway, so all trav
5:54 am
we at one point had just the left lane getting by. back in to you. turning now to the race for the white house, donald trump delivered a blistering attack on hillary clinton wednesday hitting the presumptive democrat being nominee on a variety of issues and calling her a, quote, world class liar and corrupt. >> hillary clinton wants to be president, but she doesn't have the temperament or as bernie sanders said very strongly the judgment to be president. she does not have the judgment. >> trump is scheduled to leave the country today to visit a trump golf development in scotland. hillary clinton did not back off her attacks on donald trump in raleigh yesterday. she used trump's own words against him to cast herself arrests the best choice to lead the nation and improve the economy and she fired backs in . >> i guess my speech yesterday must hao
5:55 am
because right away he lashed out on twitter with outlandish lies and conspiracy theories and he did the same in his speech today. now, think about it. he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. >> clinton is off the campaign trail today, but is expected to campaign with senator elizabeth warren next week in ohio. senator bernie sanders is expected to give a speech today in new york. his aides say it will not include a concession but will address the kinds of policies that he will push the democratic party to enact. in an interview yesterday, sanders acknowledged that he will likely not be the democratic nominee for president. a make america white again billboard in tennessee is sparking controversy. rick tyler, an independent congressional candidate, hopes that it would create that controversy and possibly go viral p. he says americans should go back to to the 1960s where there were no break-ins, violent crimes or mass immigration.
5:56 am
but tyler hopes it will go back up soon. another lottery jackpot is growing, the mega millions is at $363 million right now. if you took the lump sum, it would be $244 million in cash. it is the sixth largest jackpot if mega millions history. next drawing is tomorrow night. don't leave home without the up umbrella. the rain is just starting to move in and it could be severe. chuck bell is tracking the timing next. a massive water main break could throw a huge wrench in your morning commute. where the water is still flowing this morning as well as a look at how to get around. baltimore police officer
5:57 am
in the death of freddie gray prepares to learn his fate. but we're not only watching the verdict. a look at whether the city could also see rriots. sitting down in an effort to t stand up. the latest on capitol hill where house democrats are demanding a vote on gun control.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we're tracking several stories that could impact your day. >> from a massive water main break you'll want to avoid to the sit-in still under way at the capitol and the rain moving in, we have you covered. we'll start with the rain and the line of storms moving in as we speak. a live look outside this morning. chuck bell says if you haven't already, you can probably expect thunder and lightning any minute now. >> let's get right to chuck. so what can people expect if they're heading out? >> it will be raining for your ride into work this morning. rain and thunder this morning. strong wind gusts are possible. we could easily get 40 to 50 plirn miles per hour wind gusts and there is a chance we could have another round of thunderstorms later this evening. right now, though, here is storm team 4 radar, there is the capital beltway. fairfax out toward w
6:00 am
here into parts of culpeper county and it's coming northeast. so should be affecting the warrington area here by about 6:15, 6:20 this morning. it will be on i-95 in quantico area by about 6:45. these are the pockets of heavier rain coming our way. this is all part of the system lifting northeast on this side of it. even more powerful storms here in so you were west virginia. fortunately for us, that looks like it will stay well down to our southeast and west. but there is a possibility for some localized flash flooding here this morning, not to mention the gusty wind. so future weather carries the heavy rain during the heart of the morning rush. rain will taper off after 9:00 or 10:00. depending on how warm we get, that will affect how strong the storms this evening become. more a that coming up. it's traffic time with jack taylor. i think this was an


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